How to keep your home smelling nice

As a pet owner, you can imagine that one of my concerns is cleaning the floors and upholstery in my home, and the other is keeping my working and living environment smelling nice. I am a cat person mostly because some dogs tend to have bad breath or their skin develops rashes and all sorts of other mishaps that might turn them into smelly little things.

I’m not saying that dogs are bad. I’m just aware of the complications that might ensue because of them so I try to keep things real. Over the years, I have used several tips and tricks to make my home smell amazing, and I would like to share them with you today.

I have two candles that I use. One of them is in the main bathroom and the other is in the living room. Each time I know that somebody’s going to pop by for a visit, I light them. You can do the same or you can simply not light them and place them between your linens.

Another suggestion that I have for you is to open your windows wide to let the sun and fresh air come into your home. I usually do this in the morning before going to work and I try to do some breathing exercises, as well. If you’re lucky enough to have a backyard, maybe you have taken the time to plant some trees or lavender.


If you have some time at your disposal, it’s a good idea to get cooking. I like to bake cookies once in a while, and their smell is better than the most expensive perfume in the world. Change your sheets as often as possible. I take it that some people do this every month, but I like to do it every week or every other week.

Normally, I would tell you to buy some Febreeze or any other freshener of this sort. However, I’ve noticed that you can do the same with a bit of water, fresh lemon juice, and some essential oils. I like using lavender oil because I love its smell, but you can create your personal air freshener and add any scent you want. This way, the smell won’t be overbearing as you will be able to control the amount of essential oil that you will use.

In the end, I’d like to point out that nothing smells better than a clean environment. They say cleanliness is godliness and I couldn’t agree more. Make sure to wash your clothes and linens on a regular basis. You’ll be smelling nice and your home will, too. You’ll also make an impression, whether you want a new job or meet somebody new.