5 organization and productivity tips


When it comes to organizing and making the best of the time they’ve got, most people usually find it difficult. And, if we are all honest with ourselves, the reason is quite clear; postponing a certain task is easier than actually doing it. However, I believe that in recent times, given the hectic pace we live our lives in, finding ways of organizing ourselves and being productive has become a goal we all strive for. Therefore, in this blog entry, I decided to share with you my top 5 organization and productivity tips.

  1.    Work areas vs. non-work areas

One thing I always find important before completing a task is finding a place that I can concentrate in. Many were the times when I felt like no matter where I went, my ability to concentrate was nowhere to be found!  As time has passed, I realized that the best way of being productive is to differentiate between what I like to call work areas and non-work areas. As the titles I’ve given the two are self-explanatory, I feel obliged to point out to you that researchers have discovered that we usually perform better when we cut ourselves from external potential distractions and feel like we are in our own zone may that be the desk or, in my case, my bed.


  1.    Supplies

Before starting to work make sure you’ve got all you need.  As you’ve surely experienced it in the past, one of the commonly used excuses we make when we are working is that we can’t do it because we are missing something. So, my advice to you is to check twice and make sure nothing was left out so that you won’t have to leave your work area and get distracted by something else before completing your work task.


  1.    Take regular breaks

Oh, the long-awaited breaks! We all know that the recipe for success includes taking breaks. However, as scientists’ latest studies show, we might’ve been sabotaging ourselves by not taking breaks the way we should.  Studies show that one should organize their task so that regular time offs are taken. For example, for beginners, taking a small break every 20 minutes and a bigger one after an hour has been shown to increase productivity and ability to concentrate.

  1.    Hydrate

Although not per se a productivity tip, drinking enough liquids is a must when one wants to be productive. Moreover, keeping your body hydrated ensures your mind’s optimal ability to focus.


  1.    Napping

Yes, you’ve heard me right. Studies have suggested that, for those who want to get stuff done but haven’t got enough sleep the previous night, a power nap of about 30 minutes might be the needed fix.  The 25 to 30 minutes nap has been proven good not only for overall comfort but also as a way of improving productivity and creativity.



How to get rid of pet hair


As all pet owners can testify, a pet is both a blessing and a curse. And, the reason why I’m saying that is pet hair! If you have settled for a furry friend, chances are, you have gone through the hardships of removing unwanted (pet) hair, a struggle I believe quite difficult for the `beginners` in the field. And, because lately, I had to deal with this issue myself, I started surfing the web in search for the best strategy to have a hair-free home. As a result, after surfing the web and testing the suggestions found online, I have decided to put together this short list that contains what I consider to be the go-to guide to cleaning when living with a pet.

First things first, to be sure you don’t carry pet hair on your clothes when out of the house; I suggest you buy a couple of lint rollers and keep them around your home. Moreover, to make sure you don’t risk forgetting to use them before leaving, keep one near the exit door, as it will act as a reminder to give yourself the last touch up.


Secondly, a good idea is to invest in an electric broom. More easy to use and practical than the usual vacuum cleaner, this type of cord-free device is just what you need. Capable of aspirating unwanted hair and debris produced by pets, the gadget is ideal as it will not just blow the hair around but actually suck it. As a plus, the models equipped with a HEPA filter are also able of actually cleaning the air in the room, in a thorough fashion. If you want to buy such a cleaning device, here you can find more information.


Thirdly, any pet owner should reserve time to regularly clean the unwanted hair from the furniture. To remove this type of tricky debris, I suggest you mix up and spray water and your favorite fabric softener or any type of specialized cleaning solution on the furniture and gently wipe it off.

Last but not least, in order to avoid having your home filled with pet hair, you should take care of the pets themselves. Therefore, be sure to brush them at least two times a week and don’t forget to take them to the pet salon and get them a groom or be sure to give them a trim yourself when the hot season is approaching; less hair, less time spent cleaning it!


By following the suggestions I talked about, I am sure you will find living with your fairy friend not only easier but also more enjoyable. Anyways, I hope my tips and tricks will be of help. Let me know about how you deal with this issue and what solutions you found to be effective when dealing with pet hair.