5 reasons you should use a bidet or a washlet


When it comes to bidets or washlets, most people tend to believe that these bathroom items are solely for the rich and famous. Don’t fall into that trap because nowadays it has gotten to a point where everyone wants a bidet in their house and these products aren’t pricey at all.

I am a person that likes to have the bathroom and its bodily parts spotless clean. If you understand my obsession, you’ll cope with me when I say that you’ll desperately desire a bidet after reading this piece.

Bidets are wonderful devices that can change your life for good. The only difference between a washlet and a bidet is that the first one requires an additional item placed near the toilet. The second one, the washlet, can be installed on your bathroom toilet. But in the end, they work on the same principle. Here you have my top reasons why you should use a bidet or a washlet, immediately.

  1. Hygiene

I tend to use the laptop or the tablet a lot. It’s like they are extensions of my both hands. Each time I feel the imperious urge to use the restroom, I wash my hands with water and soap and only then proceed to my real intentions. Our bottom and more are sensitive areas, quite prone to germs and bacteria growth. How would you feel if you used only toilet paper for cleaning your hands? The same rule applies to other areas of your body. A bidet might help you maintain your best hygiene and prevent health issues that toilet paper alone can’t manage to prevent.


  1. Toilet clogging

If you decide to use a bidet or even a washlet, you might see an improvement in terms of less toilet paper usage. Toilets get clogged especially if your house is not connected to the town’s sewer system or if the system is old and doesn’t respond anymore to the population’s needs. Because you have a limit on the septic tank you won’t need to empty it so often. Reducing the quantity of toilet paper you significantly reduce your spendings.


  1. Health issues

I know a lot of people that complain of digestive health problems such as hemorrhoids or constipation. Although they don’t seem like crucial problems, it affects your entire well-being and overall body capacity. If you choose to invest in the best washlet with integrated toilet, you benefit from a specially designed nozzle tip that ensures the water is sent inside you so it cleanses and helps you flush the system inside out.

If you suffer from hemorrhoids, toilet paper is your worst enemy because it is too abrasive and might worsen your situation.

  1. Good example for the kids

As a parent, you want to teach your children the importance of good personal hygiene. So, it’s quite a big deal having a good reminder in the bathroom that tells them to wash their bottom after every use.


  1.  Say goodbye to toilet paper

Living expenses for a large family are thought to handle. You need to cut down the useless things and focus only on the important ones. Since toilet paper is quite pricey, think of the amount of money you save if you get a bidet or a wallet that gives you better results faster and easier.